We do a lot of high volume mass production assemblies and unique assembly projects, specifically dedicated to our customers’ applications or processes. We manage turnkey projects including engineering services, fabrication, installation and commissioning. We predominantly serve original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), electrical contractors, manufacturing companies and electrical distributors.

Cost estimates 

Your project is unique. That’s why we don’t sell a fixed price, but rather a solution adapted to your needs and your budget. The evaluation of your needs as well as acquiring parts allow us to give you the best possible cost estimate.

  • Acquisition and needs assessment (schematics and quotes);
  • Purchasing of material;
  • Creation of a compliant solution with a customized timeline;
  • Reviewing costs as accurately as possible.


Our turnkey service also includes the design of your control panels. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you and guide you through your project.

  • Developing solutions in compliance with the latest CSA, UL and CE standards;
  • Researching and testing the best available solutions on the market;
  • Validating the functionality of the required components.
  • Informing and educating customers on the assembly of custom control panels;
  • Assisting in the selection of materials;
  • Assistance with electrical design.
  • Electrical diagrams;
  • Complete bill of materials;
  • Physical layout of components;
  • Physical layout of terminal blocks (*upon request);
  • Technical information of the components (spec-sheet).
  • Checking availability and reliability of parts;
  • Reserving parts in inventory – KANBAN system;
  • Ordering custom parts;
  • Verification of out-of-stock parts;
  • Search for equivalent solutions for out-of-stock parts;
  • Coordinating the reception of parts and material with production planning;
  • Coordinating parts to be received from customers and their suppliers (logistics).

assembly, quality assurance and certification

Custom control panel assembly, which accounts for the majority of projects undertaken by NRGY, is our main area of expertise. We are committed to offering you a product that meets the highest quality standards in the industry.

  • Check and unpack parts according to the bill of materials (BOM);
  • Drill mounting plate and cut the enclosure according to shop drawings;
  • Assembling components on mounting plate and walls of the enclosure;
  • Identify components and mount the appropriate labels;
  • Wire the components according to the electrical schematics;
  • Follow quality control verification procedure;
  • Power and quality assurance testing according to customer specifications;
  • Apply certification.

Shipping and delivery

NRGY will assist you from start to finish of your project. We are able to pack and crate the control panels so that they are well protected during delivery, and coordinate shipping to the installation sites.

  • Custom packaging design;
  • Storage of custom packaging boxes (*upon request);
  • Manufacturing of boxes and crates;
  • Personalized service for the coordination of deliveries according to your needs.


Over time, we have been able to work with several suppliers and partners with expertise that is complementary to ours. These partners allow us to customize our services according to your project needs. We therefore call upon subcontractors for:

  • Engineering and design;
  • On-site installation: electrical connection of control circuits in the field, as well as in the panel (e.g. motors, sensors, valves, indicator lights, etc.);
  • Modification, additions and repair of control panels at the factory;
  • Miscellaneous programming: programming of PLCs and industrial touch screens, settings of variable speed drives, soft starters, controllers, programmable relays and communication systems;
  • Start-up: on-site testing and verification including project management, technical writing, training, optimization and burn-in.