About us

NRGY is a manufacturing and services company in the field of automation.

We design, assemble, and distribute electrical/electronic products mostly for machines used by electric contractors, who in turn serve the industrial and commercial sectors throughout the province. Our clients know us for our excellent service, know-how, custom and innovative solutions. All this with very expedient and competitive deadlines.

We handle numerous high-volume serial assemblies as well as single assemblies specifically dedicated for our client's applications or procedures. We manage turnkey projects including engineering services, manufacturing, installations, and start-ups that a given project might need. We mainly serve original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), manufacturing companies, and mentioned before, electricians.

We have good expertise in electrical motor control, which is used in a wide variety of applications in many market sectors. Our mastery extends to, among others, the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors as well as to private companies and public corporations. A few examples of our clients include: municipalities and ministries such as the MTQ, SAAQ and SIQ. Many of our products are distributed by some of the largest electrical distributors in Quebec. Our major strength and main activity here at NRGY is designing and putting together electrical and electronic components according to specific recognized international standards and following the latest state of the art methods and regulations.